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PPC Campaign Builder

Every pay per click (PPC) campaign starts with keyword research where you start by researching and building a list of highly relevant and targeted keywords for your campaign. After creating this keyword list you need to create ad groups for your keywords and finally writing quality adcopies for each of your adgroups. The process of creating and launching PPC campaigns is very time consuming and onerous task especially if you need to launch the campaigns across Google, Yahoo and Bing.

At iSpionage we have designed a tool to provide you with a complete solution for your PPC campaigns from building a keyword list to launching of the campaign across all three major search engines in 4 easy steps and at a fraction of the time.

iSpionage Keyword and Campaign Builder 4 steps strategy:
       Step 1: Keyword Research
       Step 2: Keyword Clean Up
       Step 3: Keyword Grouping
       Step 4: Campaign Builder for Google, Yahoo & Bing

1. Keyword Research
Keyword research is the building blocks of pay per click advertising. Identifying and optimizing for the specific words that people are typing into search engines is a crucial element of a successful pay per click campaign. Using proprietary keyword mining technology that is built on top of Google’s keyword tool, iSpionage keyword tool is designed to generate user searched keywords based on actual search volume.

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• There are two modes for performing keyword research. The first is the relevant keywords generator. We take your existing keywords and find other keywords highly related to them. This is a great way to find long-tail keywords for your niche. Our keyword generator will filter out junk keywords and only return you a list of relevant keywords.

• The second keyword research mode is the competitive keyword finder. Enter a competitor’s URL into our keyword research tool and we will display all their paid keywords across Google, Yahoo & Bing and also relevant keywords on their website as well

2. Keyword Clean Up

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After you have generated a list of keywords, you can move the keywords to our Keyword Clean up tool and filter/remove unwanted letters/characters/words you don’t want in your PPC campaign. This is important if you want to have a highly target and related list of keywords for your campaign.

3. Keyword Grouping

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• You can create ad groups for your keywords using our keyword bucketing technology which will extract the keywords out from the original keyword list based on your defined criteria. This will ensure that the keywords in the ad group are tightly related and there will be no duplicate keywords in a campaign

• You can create multiple ad groups per campaign and save it for future reference.

4. PPC Campaign Builder

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The final step in the process is to start writing adcopies and pricing your keywords which our campaign builder will guide you through the process. After you finalized the keywords, pricing and adcopies, you can simply export and launch your campaign to your preferred search network (Google, Yahoo or Bing).
iSpionage is the only complete web based end to end solution for your PPC marketing from keyword research, clean up, adcopy writing and launching of your campaigns on a single platform.

Features & Screen Shots

Generate highly targeted keyword phrases

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  • Our proprietary keyword mining algorithm is built on top of Google data, ensuring that the keywords we generate are keywords of quality that will bring you traffic.
Research competitors' keywords

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  • Finds out the competitors for any given keywords
  • Reveals the keywords your competitors are using
Keyword Clean Up Tool

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  • Want to sort your keyword list, remove duplicates, remove extra spaces and weird characters?
  • What about removing irrelevant phrases?
  • Our keyword clean up tool will do just that.
Keyword Grouping Tool

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  • Grouping your keyword list into tightly organized ad groups made easy.
  • Our bucketing technology makes sure that there will be no duplicates keywords within the same campaign.
  • This is the only keyword grouping tool in the market that will save you a lot of time and headache.
Step by Step PPC campaign building tool
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Build your PPC campaign with hundreds of keywords, tightly organized adgroups and adcopy in under 15 minutes.
  1. First, set up your keyword pricing and destination url
  2. Second, create adcopies for each of the adgroups in a single and intuitive interface.
  3. Lastly, generate output that you can easily integrate with Adwords Editor
You also have the option to build the campaign with one keyword per adgroup, which could be useful to increase your quality score.

Output to Google, Yahoo and MSN

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  • You can quickly build, replicate and transfer campaigns from Google to Yahoo and MSN and vice versa
  • Getting traffic from the BIG THREE search engines is now very easy.
Online Campaign Storage

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  • All campaigns are saved on our database, you can work on your campaign anytime and anywhere.