Silver Beacon Marketing
iSpionage is a tool we use daily to manage client campaigns, find gaps in the major search engines or work with prospects. We use multiple iSpionage screen captures in our presentations, and prospects are invariably thrilled to see the depth of competitive data... Read more
George Bounacos, Online Marketing Director, Silver Beacon Marketing
Why I like this tool is that it has saved my team valuable time in monitoring affiliates and monitoring paid search competitors, now we get an email notification when something relevant happens rather then spending hours hunting in three different engines. Read more
Heather Paulson, President, Paulson Management Group, Inc.
SEO Services
iSpionage is our favorite tool for monitoring our organic ranking and the PPC campaigns of competitors in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We find iSpionage very simple to use and in the competitive game of PPC, this tool gives us an almost unfair advantage.
Brian Greenberg, President,
Not every client has an unlimited budget to work with, so it's important that you make every penny count. iSpionage not only allows me to find out what keywords the competition is bidding on, but I can also view the ads that they are running on all of the major search engines. Read more
Aaron Hagenbuch, Search Engine Marketing Manager,
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