PPC Competitive Intelligence

Keyword Monitoring for SEO and PPC

Given the highly competitive landscape in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC), you need the tool that will give you an edge and stay ahead of your competitors.

With the iSpionage Keyword Monitoring tool you will have the ability to:

Monitor your Organic Ranking (for SEO)

Your organic keyword ranking is your sucess measurement for your SEO campaign.

If you only trying to optimize a handful of keywords, it's not a big deal to monitor them manually. But if you try to optimize 50, 100, 500, 1000 keywords, chances are you need a robust monitoring tool.

Let our SEO Tracking module do the monitoring for you.


Keyword ranking

Page-Keyword-Search engine position

If you are an agency or SEO consultant, iSpionage reports can be exported to PDF with your logo on it!

Benchmark your campaign against other advertisers in your niche (for PPC)

PPC Competition Executive Summary
Using iSpionage to monitor your top performing keywords, you can instantly view the competitive landscape within your industry. Find out how well your campaign is performing and where you rank relative to all the advertisers in your industry.

It is important to constantly monitor what your competition is doing as every click and every conversion you earn comes at your competitors' expense. Everyone is constantly improving their ad copy, quality score, and landing pages. So you need to watch your competitors and stay ahead of them.

Discover the lost opportunity in your PPC campaign

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Evaluate your campaign performance by monitoring your impression share (Measures the percentage of search traffic where your ads are showing up).

Understanding your campaigns' impression share is important because it tells you how much traffic your campaign is missing out on. If your ads are appearing only 25% of the time for a valuable keyword, you should take immediate steps to correct the problem as you are missing out on significant valuable traffic. You will also learn how well your campaign is performing compared to your competitors learn how to stay ahead of them.

Uncover competitors' keywords

Competitor's keywords
Coming up with the right and proftibale keywords are always a challenge for PPC advertisers. With iSpionage you can leverage your competitors' keywords.

Analyze their ad copies and landing page combination.

Ad Copy Analysis
Uncover the top advertisers' most powerful keywords-ad copies - landing pages combination in your industry.
With this data you can easily improve clickthrough rates, quality score and drive more quality traffic to your website.

Competitor Alert

Track your competition every move and use our alert functionality to get email alerts when they add more keywords or new adcopies to their campaign. Each of these alerts can be customized to the three major search engines. Most importantly, if you are concerned about advertisers using your restricted or trademarked keywords, we can track all competitors bidding on your terms and alert you of such violations.

Success Stories From Our Customers

iSpionage is a tool we use daily to manage client campaigns, find gaps in the major search engines or work with prospects. We use multiple iSpionage screen captures in our presentations, and prospects are invariably thrilled to see the depth of competitive data readily available when we run their campaigns.

The information helps us too, identifying competitors just entering the market or those who shift their messaging. I personally find iSpionage so valuable that it is one of four tabs that opens when I load my browser. iSpionage is such a powerful tool that we talk about its constantly growing functions on our own site.

It is important to constantly monitor what your competition is doing as every click and every conversion you earn comes at your competitors' expense. Everyone is constantly improving their ad copy, quality score, and landing pages. So you need to watch your competitors and stay ahead of them.

- George Bounacos, Online Marketing Director, Silver Beacon Marketing

iSpionage is our favorite tool for monitoring our organic ranking and the PPC campaigns of competitors in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The software provides a great snapshot of the competition and how best to overtake them. We find iSpionage very simple to use and in the competitive game of PPC, this tool gives us an almost unfair advantage.

- Brian Greenberg, President, SEO Services

iSpionage offers competitive paid search intelligence on your competitors and affiliates for all three major search engines, Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Why I like this tool is that it has saved my team valuable time in monitoring affiliates and monitoring paid search competitors, now we get an email notification when something relevant happens rather then spending hours hunting in three different engines.

- Heather Paulson, President, Paulson Management Group, Inc.

Not every client has an unlimited budget to work with, so it's important that you make every penny count. iSpionage not only allows me to find out what keywords the competition is bidding on, but I can also view the ads that they are running on all of the major search engines.

The information that iSpionage collects, provides quality insight that can be utilized into creating campaigns and ad variations that truly stand out from the crowd. Attempting to manually gather this information for just one client within the endlessness of cyberspace would take hours alone. iSpionage allows me to focus on what matters most, the customer.

Pay-Per-Click advertising has revolutionized the way we do business on the Internet; and I feel that iSpionage is the next big thing that will help level the playing field for smaller businesses looking to make their mark.

- Aaron Hagenbuch, Search Engine Marketing Manager, www.solidcactus.com

Trademark compliance is extremely important to ConsumerTrack Inc. It's crucial for us to protect not only our brand but also the Trademarks of our customers.

We use iSpionage to monitor our media partners and competitors to protect our trademarks from misrepresentation, abuse and infringement. The platform is intuitive, easy to use, and contains an enormous amount of information. Our compliance process has been greatly updated by utilizing the tools from iSpionage by tracking data on keywords and ad copy automatically!

ConsumerTrack adheres to the highest trademark compliance standards, which gives our clients additional confidence and trust in our services

- Christina Meono, Compliance Manager, www.ConsumerTrack.com