Digital Marketing Campaign Watch

Complement Adwords data with hard-to-get competitive intelligence to stay on top of your competitors.

Effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns have three important elements: landing pages that convert, effective ad copy and highly relevant keywords. The bad news is that what works for you today may no longer work next week due to the ever changing competitive landscape.

iSpionage Campaign Watch provides insights not only into competitor’s ad copy but also their landing page conversion strategy.

Benchmark your Search Engine Marketing performance against your competitors

The campaign watch summary shows your position compared to your top competitors, and reveals other competitors within your keyword verticals across desktop and mobile devices.

Monitor and analyze your competitor’s ad copy A/B tests

Utilize your competitor’s data by learning from their ad copy A/B tests to improve your paid search performance.

iSpionage provides insights into your competitor’s ad copy tests and identifies the winner of the test based on the historical ad data.

Get insights into competitor’s entire PPC strategy

Gain competitive insights into your competitors’ PPC campaign structure from their ad copy to their landing pages.

Learn how your competitors group their keywords and structure their campaigns so you can beat your competitors with a better strategy.

Monitor your ads on Google SERP

The Google SERP snapshots let you see how your paid search ads appear on Google for each day of day of the month.

SERP snapshots are available for both desktop and mobile.

Automated and custom reporting

Get a weekly or monthly automated report to gain a quick understanding of your top competitors’ paid search performance .

This information can also help you to identify new competitors and to detect advertisers who are bidding on and using your brand terms in paid search ads.

Landing Page Surveillance & Executive Dashboard (Enterprise Plans)

Uncover your competitor’s landing page A/B test results

Identify your competitor’s landing page elements that are being tested and gain insights from the winning variation.

iSpionage’s powerful CRO tool helps you to quickly analyze changes on elements between the landing pages, which helps you accelerate your design process.

Analyze keyword overlap and competitor war zone

The executive dashboard helps you to Identify exclusive and overlap keywords that you and your competitors are buying to make sure you have the most compelling conversion funnel.

User conversion funnel comparison

Compare landing pages side by side to see if you have the most compelling offer from the user’s perspective.

Web page monitoring

Be the first to know when there are any changes for your top competitors’ landing pages and stay up to date with their latest promotions or products.

We will automatically detect the changes and send you an alert via email.

“ I was introduced to iSpionage about 3 years ago and I find it to be an excellent tracking and competitive intelligence tool for both SEO and PPC. One really unique attribute I like is it places value on the SEO traffic in terms of how much you would need to spend on PPC to obtain those rankings. This is extremely helpful to both clients and getting prospects. Great data! ”

Alan Bush,
Director of Strategy, Ignite Visibility
“ I think about iSpionage as a great tool for outgoing A/B testing. The only team that grab landing pages and showcases them for you to study and learn from. In addition to campaign research, having these landing pages in place 100% improves the performance of the campaign. I would recommend this tool for anyone who might want to dive into conversion funnel and not just research keywords and clicks. ”

Paul Ryazanov,
CEO, Magecloud

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